My dominant films me

I am a lover of sado maso and vixen porn and I have fun playing the submissive. I've always looked for a dominant who can get me immersed in this sexual practice, but the majority only think about fucking and impatient. Recently I discovered a dominant patient who knows at his fingertips how to pain and give pleasure at the same time. While filming me, he had humiliated me these past weekends with a session worthy of an expert hence the subject of this story. An expert in domination! Not only does he know how to humiliate me, but also gives me enormous pleasure with his actions and words. The whipping and spanking of obedience is nothing compared to the verbal abuse he hits me by calling me a whore, bitch and slave. He likes to play with the ropes by tying me naked, hits me, and follows the penetrations of objects in my vagina and my ass. This excites me thoroughly, it is the insults and verbal treatment, not to mention the small physical tortures that sometimes hurt me while exciting me thoroughly. Last weekend he tied me like a slut on a beam, lashing me while filming me. Always satisfying sessions With my new dominant, the sessions are always satisfying, because not only can I satisfy my hardest needs, but also invite others to participate in order to be able to film me. Last week we were at a swingers club and he invited 4 guys over to humiliate and fuck me while he films all the action. Our videos are made up of images that relate the BDSM in all its facets, but also a more than amateur porn story that meets all the fantasies of domination. I feel fulfilled and I will continue in this direction so that my wildest wishes come true. For our next session, we're going to invite other people to humiliate me. Public porn sluts.